OBS Consultants, LLC
Littleton, Colorado 80127
(720) 638-1954
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720.638.1954 (o) 303.717.8113 (c)
A mobile time clock and timesheet app that tracks work hours and job locations that are automatically collected to simplify payroll.  LEARN MORE at www.busybusy.com.


a Beautiful Word

You have worked hard and made sacrifices to get your business off the ground. What's next? Your business plan needs to evolve. Are you ready for the challenge?

We can help you move forward. Do you have new employees? Is your inventory under control? Have you evaluated your product line or services lately? Are you on top of information management and advertising? These are tough challenges.

Administrative Scale of Importance


Engineering dreams into reality. We provide high quality organizational management technology and production services to viable, growing companies throughout Jefferson, Adams, Douglas, Boulder, and Arapahoe Counties in Colorado.


Supporting self-improvement.

  • An abundance of money uplines to provide for a well paid staff.
  • Substantial reserves to provide for constancy, continuation and perpetuation of the company and its goals.
  • Empowered communication and literacy for staff and ownership to attain personal goals of self development and affluence.


The following are the senior operating policies of OBS by which all of the processes and divisional policies shall be measured:

  • Always manage by statistics
  • Always put safety first
  • Always deliver quality service
  • Always complete every job.
  • Always give exchange in abundance.
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"engineering dreams into reality"

A Source for 
Business Solutions


Formulas for
Business Success

  • Establishing the Organization 

  • Managing by Statistics and Conditions

  • Business Plan Development and Implementation

  • Website Development, SEO & Social Media

  • Plans, Policies and Programs